“I am convinced that re-engaging with scripture, re-imagining the Church for the sake of the coming Kingdom will not be possible without a recovery of prayer. One of the weaknesses of the contemporary Church is that it gives even her members so little help in how to pray.”Richard Chartres, Bishop of London (2013)

The above statement caught our attention simply because it echoes what has been our belief and concern for quite a while. Currently, there is much talk going on in the Church about prayer, as more and more  people are realising and acknowledging the urgent need for Christians to pray. Various prayer groups and initiatives are springing up and prayer mobilisation is on the increase, as the sense of urgency increases; and we are grateful to God for that.

However, many who desire to pray are struggling and finding it difficult to do so effectively. Many simply do not know how to pray or what to pray about; others pray with a lack of depth, faith, conviction and fervency; whilst some even pray in conflict with God’s word. Many are also perplexed and discouraged by their unanswered prayers.  Thus, there is an urgent need to teach Christians the skills and dynamics of prayer and intercession, in order to increase the effectiveness and productivity of our prayers.

It gives us much pleasure, therefore, to introduce you and your church/ministry to Prayer Training School (PTS), a timely and much needed resource for the Body of Christ. PTS has been set up to de-mystify prayer and make it practicable and effective for the believer. Our goal is to  support churches/ministries and help individual believers enhance their prayer lives. We aim to achieve this through simple, clear and biblical teachings and practical and interactive application.

We would like to offer this resource to you and/or your church/ministry. Contact us to find out how we can be of help to you and your church/ministry. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Prayer Training School facilitates the ministry of Women In Tune, as well as, QUIVER (Prayer Movement).

Yours in Christ’s service

Cobby and Jennifer Abigail Wallace


Address: The Cornerstone Church, 149 Canterbury Road, London, E10 6EH

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